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Earrings Little Flowers in 24 kt. and 18 kt. gold

Earrings Little Flowers in 24 kt. and 18 kt. gold

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The Little Flowers, earrings from Kristine Algreen

in 24 kt. gold, the most beautiful gold color of all, as it is completely pure, without any alloying materials in it. The stems are in 18 kt. gold, which has a slightly lighter color and looks beautiful with the flowers themselves. The length is approx. 22mm and the width is approx. 11mm.

The earrings are One of a kind, but can be ordered and will then be slightly different from the ones shown in the picture, as they are handmade.

Approx. 1 week delivery time if not in stock.

Buy the earrings online or in our studio/shop Østerbrogade 50. 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Denmark

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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